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Whole–House Generators

Whole-House Generators in Pikeville, KY

Now more than ever, homeowners rely upon electricity to make it through their days in great comfort and with great convenience. Modern electrical systems are safer and more reliable than ever before. However, there is no guarantee that you are always going to have access to power from the grid. From heavy rains and high winds to downed trees and other environmental occurrences, power outages are a very real possibility. Is your home prepared in case a power outage affects your area?

If you are serious about keeping your home up and running in the event of a power outage, you really need to give a member of our staff a call. We offer whole-house generator services in Pikeville, KY, designed to keep your electronics and appliances operational even when the power from the grid goes dark. Contact us today, and schedule your whole-house generator services with one of the fine technicians on the American Heating & Cooling team.

American Heating & Cooling provides whole-house generator services near Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose a Whole-House Generator?

Portable generators have their uses. They are great to have around on camping trips, for instance, or even if you are out tailgating before a big game or concert. However, the fact that you must plug devices directly into a portable generator, as well as the fact that their power output is fairly limited, means that they are really not a great option for extended use, nor as a whole-house application. A whole-house generator, as the name suggests, is much more appropriate.

A whole-house generator is wired directly into your electrical system, meaning that you do not need to choose which devices you want to plug in, only to unplug some and plug others in a little while later. Whole-house generators are much more powerful than portable generators, and can use a variety of fuels, including natural gas, which is pump directly to the system. For great convenience and effective power generation, a whole-house generator really is your best option.

Whole-House Generators Require Professional Installation Services

Should you decide to use a whole-house generator on your property, it is 100% necessary that your whole-house generator installation or replacement be completed by a skilled, trained professional. Entrusting such a service to a non-professional or novice can result in system failure when you need that system most. You may also simply wind up with a generator that is not of the right size for your home. There is also the matter of personal safety. When using any electrical equipment such as a whole-house generator, you cannot afford to take chances with the quality of the installation process.

Call Us for Whole-House Generator Repairs and Maintenance

Ideally, you'd never run into problems with your whole-house generator. However, because you rely upon this system in very specific situations, and because of the nature of these situations, you must accept the fact that no generator is perfect. Yours should be tested regularly, and must be repaired as soon as any problems become evident. This will help you to use your generator with well-earned confidence. Remember, too, that we offer routine whole-house generator maintenance, which can help to keep your system operating as reliably and effectively as possible.

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