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American Heating & Cooling, ready to service your Air Conditioner in Prestonsburg KY

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services in Pikeville, KY

Summers in Pikeville, KY can be rough, with hot and humid weather lasting through the fall. It requires special talent and skill to take care of the air conditioners that have the burden of keeping our homes cool through the middle of the year. You will find the necessary skill at American Heating & Cooling. We offer a wide range of services for air conditioners that will see to whatever comfort needs you have. Are you looking for a new ductless air conditioning system for your home? Do you require fast repairs for a faulty AC? Or are you ready to arrange for regular air conditioning maintenance services? We can take care of all this and much more. Call our NATE-certified technicians today to schedule an appointment.

For excellent quality air conditioning services in Pikeville, KY or the surrounding areas, call on the licensed professional technicians at American Heating & Cooling.

Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner?

Whether you live a home that hasn't had its first AC installed yet, or if you have to replace a failing older air conditioner, putting in a new cooling system is a large task. That's why you must leave the job to professionals. Our technicians are the people you should trust when it comes to correctly sizing a new AC so that it provides the cooling your household needs without massive energy waste or additional strain. When you hire us for air conditioning installation or replacement, you'll receive the best work possible-we guarantee it!

We Provide Central Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

The central air units in homes put in a lot of work during the summer, and it's impossible for them to escape malfunctions at some point during their services lives. At the first indication that you have a malfunctioning air conditioner, get on the phone and call for air conditioner service from our specialists. We have technicians standing by 24/7 to see that your air conditioner is quickly restored to full operating condition.

We also strongly urge that you arrange for annual maintenance for your residential cooling system. Only through these routine tune-ups and inspections can you keep away unnecessary repairs, high energy bills, and an early replacement.

We Have the AC Service You Need in Pikeville, KY

At American Heating & Cooling, we handle it all when it comes to air conditioning. We are proud of the skill and dedication of our HVAC technicians. Simply call us when you want better air conditioning for your home, and we'll put our training to work for you. Below are some of the other air conditioning services we provide:

Ductless Air Conditioning

You don't need to depend on a complex duct network to distribute cooling from your central AC. A ductless mini split system lets you send the cool air from your system straight into rooms through wall-mounted blowers. Let us tell you all about the great advantages of going ductless with your air conditioning system.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Right under your feet is a reliable and renewable source of energy for cooling down your home. A geothermal heat pump uses the stable temperature of earth about 10 feet below the frost line as a medium to both deposit and draw heat. Call our technicians to learn more about geothermal heating and cooling possibilities.

Heat Pumps

One of the best options available for air conditioning is also a great option for heating: a heat pump. Heat pumps operate like ACs, except when the temperature outside starts to drop, they can reverse the direction they pump heat so that they bring warmth inside homes. Our technicians offer a full range of services to install, repair, and maintain heat pumps.


Any central air conditioning system is controlled via a thermostat. If that thermostat malfunctions, it will seriously impair the ACs ability to cool in an effective and energy-efficient fashion. You can rely on us for thermostat repairs or for installation/replacement of advanced thermostat models that will benefit your home's cooling.

Zone Control System

If you don't want an HVAC system that sends cool air to every room each time the AC comes on, call us to install zone control. A zone control system allows you to choose which parts of the home receive cooling and which don't, and that helps with both comfort and energy savings.

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