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Radiant Systems

Radiant Systems in Pikeville, KY

There are two standard methods for providing warmth for a home. The first is forced-air heating, which is what a furnace or heat pump does. In forced-air heating, the system raises the temperature of air and then distributes it with blower fans that direct the air into the living spaces. The spread of the heated air provides the higher temperature the household needs to feel comfortable during cold days.

The other method is radiant heating. With radiant heating, no air is blown around with fans. Instead, objects in rooms have their temperatures raised, usually through the heat from water coming from a boiler tank. The objects then send out radiant heat waves into the space that warms other objects they touch, including people. Our technicians at American Heating & Cooling are experienced with installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining a variety of radiant heating systems in Pikeville, KY. If you have a radiant system in need of service, or you're interested in a new radiant system for a house, simply contact us and let us handle it.

The specialists at American Heating & Cooling provide full service for radiant systems in Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Typical Radiant System Installation?

There're a variety of ways to set up a home or other building for radiant heating. However, the most common-and effective-way is to use a hydronic heating system. This means using hot water as the heat transference medium that raises the temperature of the objects within a room.

At the center of this type of radiant system is a boiler. Despite the name, almost no boilers today actually boil the water in them. They instead raise the temperature of the water to the point where it is hot enough to effectively raise the temperature of baseboard heaters around the house. The boiler uses electricity or natural gas to heat the water in their tanks, and the water moves to baseboard heaters, which radiate heat upward from where the floors and walls meet. Along with the radiant energy from the baseboard heater, there are also convection currents that help more rapidly spread warmth around a space. Baseboard heaters are often placed below windows, which helps them create a curtain of radiant heat between the cold window and the rest of the room.

The Advantages of a Radiant Heating System

Choosing radiant heating over a forced-air system provides some benefits. Among them:

  • More even spread of heat - Rather than having heat blown out from vents or blowers that then gathers near the ceiling first, radiant systems permit the heat to spread evenly from floor level. With radiant heating, you'll feel warmer much faster.
  • Energy efficiency - Water makes for a better heat transference medium than air, so hydronic heating systems have exceptional energy efficiency that will help you save money.
  • Longevity - Radiant heating systems have fewer moving parts than systems such as furnaces, which helps them have lengthier service lives.
  • Improved indoor air quality - Since radiant systems don't use any ductwork, they won't blow around air contaminants. This is helpful if there are people with allergies or asthma in your household.

Contact Us for Radiant Heating Services in Pikeville, KY

No matter if you're interested in a new installation of a radiant heating system for a home, or if you want repairs or maintenance for a current boiler system, you can depend on the NATE-certified technicians at American Heating & Cooling to handle everything with speed and professionalism. We back our work 100%.

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