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Zone Control System Cooling Services

Zone Control System Services in Pikeville, KY

One of the downsides of a standard forced-air heating and air conditioning system is that there's no middle ground. When you turn on the AC or heater, every location that is connected to the ventilation system via room vents will receive cooled/heated air. This is convenient for a small house, but with larger homes-particularly those that have guest rooms or other spots that are often untenanted-it means significant energy waste. It often means conflicts between household members over how to set the temperature.

The way around the “all-or-nothing” dilemma of central forced-air heating and cooling is with a zone control system. To find out more about zone control and how you can have it installed in your home, contact American Heating & Cooling. We service Pikeville, KY with the highest in quality home comfort, and that includes working with zone heating and air conditioning.

For zone control system installation and other services in Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas, rely on the certified team at American Heating & Cooling.

Installation of Zone Heating and Cooling

The first question people usually have regarding zone control is how it actually works. The basics involve integrating dampers into the ductwork and that can create air tight seals within the ventilation system. The dampers are put into the ducts to block air from reaching particular vents. How many dampers and different heating and cooling "zones" a home has is entirely up to the owner. It can be as simple as dividing the house into upstairs and downstairs zones, or as intricate as making every room a separate zone.

For each damper, there exists a dedicated thermostat located in the zone that it affects. Individuals can change the temperature in their zone through the local thermostat. These thermostats connect into a central control panel where the homeowner can manipulate temperature settings throughout the residence.

Reasons to Consider Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

Zone control provides multiple benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Energy savings - The principle reason people opt for zone control is because they want to stop wasting money on heating/cooling empty rooms. Once you have the power to decide which zones in your home receive comfort from the HVAC system, you will significantly reduce your power bills.
  • Personalized comfort - It can be difficult to provide temperatures in a home that satisfy everyone. Not all household members have identical comfort requirements. Thanks to zone control, you can allow residents to operate the temperatures wherever they are to suit them.
  • Better temperature distribution - Having the air from the HVAC system reach all the rooms at the same time can lead to stuffy or overly cool conditions in the house because the temperature doesn't spread evenly from room to room. Proper manipulation of zone control allows for a more even and comfortable distribution of temperatures.

We Are You Zone Control System Specialists

You don't need to look far in Pikeville, KY or the rest of Eastern Kentucky to locate a contractor to set up your home for zone control. American Heating & Cooling can handle zone control systems both as part of new HVAC installations or as a retro-fit. Should you have a malfunctioning damper or other problem with zone control, it only requires a call to our technicians to have it solved. You can trust us for the assistance you need for great heating and air conditioning combined with exceptional energy savings.

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