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Air Filtration Systems

Air Filtration Systems in Pikeville, KY

With low indoor air quality a major problem in homes throughout the U.S. today, people are looking for ways to eliminate those unhealthy contaminants drifting around the air of their living spaces. Although there are multiple options for improving indoor air quality, the best starting point is to use mechanical air filters. Although based on simple principles, air filtration systems are effective in the majority of cases-and when paired with other devices like air purifiers, they can make a powerful combination capable of removing close to 100% of the unwanted pollutants from a home.

How do you get started with quality air filtration system for your house? The help you need in Pikeville, KY is at American Heating & Cooling. We work with a large number of different indoor air quality systems, so you can trust us to find out what type of air filter will do the job you need. In addition to installation, we also take care of routine maintenance and replacement for air filters.

The indoor air quality team at American Heating & Cooling offers installation and other services for air filtration systems in Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

The Basics of Air Filtration Systems

When we say "basics," we meant exactly that: air filters work on a basic principle of using a mesh of fibers, usually fiberglass, to catch and attract particles moving through the air. Air filters are integrated into an HVAC system so that the circulating air must pass through them. The medium inside the filter traps contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, dander, sawdust, dust mites, carpet and furniture fibers, and more.

By the way, these air filters are not the same as the filter on your furnace or air conditioner cabinet. This filter is designed to prevent debris from entering the cabinet and inflicting damage on internal components. It does little good to clean your air. You must have specially designed and installed filters to do that job.

Why You Need Professionals to Install Air Filters

Although we just talked about how "basic" the operation of air filters is, we need to add this important qualification: choosing the right air filter for a home is anything but basic. Air filtration systems have a range of efficiencies (measured as MERV) that determine how well they stop the smallest particles. But you cannot simply pick the highest MERV rating and trust to luck, because thicker filters will impede airflow and cut into your AC or heater's performance. Only trust to IAQ professionals when it comes to selecting and installing a new filter for your household. That way you have cleaner air without paying for more comfort.

Call American Heating & Cooling for Great Air Filtration System Services

Although all the details of air filter ratings can be a touch confusing, you only have to call American Heating & Cooling and tell our indoor air quality experts that you want cleaner air and they will take it from there. Trust to our trained professionals to install a great set of air filters (as well as purifiers if necessary) so you can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home environment. We also maintain and replace air filters, so make us your first choice for indoor air quality in Pikeville, KY!

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