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Generators in Pikeville, KY

Electricity is one of the greatest modern conveniences we have, but we are not guaranteed access to electricity at all times. Sometimes, your utility plans a power outage in order to perform maintenance work, but outages often come as a surprise resulting from poor weather, fallen trees, and faulty equipment. An electrical outage may only last an hour or two, or it may last for the entire day or several days in a row. That's why many homeowners choose to install a generator-in order to keep operating some of their most important systems even during prolonged power outages. If you are considering a new portable or whole-home generator in Pikeville, KY, give American Heating & Cooling a call. We are your source for generator repair, maintenance, and installation throughout the area.

American Heating & Cooling provides quality generators and generator services near Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

Could You Benefit from a Generator?

Nearly any homeowner who relies on public utilities for electricity could benefit to some extent from having a professional install a generator. You may use a portable generator to power only a few select appliances during a power outage, like the refrigerator or a heating system, or you might use a whole-house generator to bring power back to the entire home. Either way, you can save a lot of money and hassle. Losing refrigerated items can result in hundreds of dollars in grocery bills. And if your power goes out on a very hot day or a cold night, you may have to spend money on alternative accommodations so that your family members stay comfortable.

Which Generator Is Right for You?

There are several options available to you when it comes to installing a new generator. You may decide that a portable generator is good enough for your energy needs during any power outage. But you can also select a system that restores power to every portion of your home using natural gas or an alternative fuel source. Take a look at our options, and make sure you only trust new generator installation, replacement, and any services to a professional technician.

Automatic Standby Generator

An automatic standby generator monitors the electrical current flowing through your home. When it can no longer detect an electrical current, the generator automatically kicks in only seconds later. You won't have to worry about lifting a finger to locate a generator switch or find a flashlight, since the power should come back on in no time.

Portable Generator

While many homeowners can benefit from a whole-house generator, a portable generator is still the right choice for others. While you will need to switch on your portable generator manually after a power outage, it can help you to stay comfortable and content while you wait for the electricity to return to your home.

Whole House Generator

Are you looking for a whole-house generator or generator services in Pikeville, KY? Just give our friendly team a call. We can provide whole-house generator maintenance or repairs, so that you can feel confident your system will work when you really need it.

Call American Heating & Cooling for Generator Services in Pikeville, KY

We are a trusted source for generator installation, maintenance, and repair throughout the area. Call our friendly team and you can expect excellent customer service every time. American Heating & Cooling wants to make sure that you stay comfortable year round, so contact our generator experts today!

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