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Duct Insulation

Duct Insulation in Pikeville, KY

The ducts in your home have an important job to do, though it may seem like a fairly simple task to someone without experience in the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry. Air ducts are pathways through which air travels to and from the furnace or air conditioning system. But along the path to the rooms of your home, poorly insulated ducts can run into some troubles, raising your energy bills and leaving you a little less comfortable.

Insulating the ductwork in your home can have a positive impact on your bills, your comfort, and the state of your heating and cooling system. When you call the professional technicians at American Heating & Cooling, you can get insulation for your ductwork in order to improve efficiency and performance. We want to do everything we can to make sure your home is more comfortable year round. Give us a call today for excellent customer service in Pikeville, KY.

American Heating & Cooling provides quality duct insulation services near Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

Insulate Ducts for Year-Round Comfort

Your furnace or heat pump transfers heat to the air in order to keep you warm in the winter. But much of this heat may escape if the air ducts are not insulated properly. Insulating materials slow the transfer of heat, meaning it is harder for heat to leave the ducts. Insulated ducts can retain heat more easily, improving the performance of your heater.

It is a common misconception that insulating areas of your home is only important in cooler weather. Even during our hot, humid summers, insulated ducts can help to keep you a lot more comfortable. Your ducts often run through hot, unoccupied areas of your home like the attic or crawlspaces. Insulation keeps this heat from moving into the ducts and warming the cool air.

How to Tell Your Ducts Need Insulation

If your ducts are poorly insulated, you may notice a number of issues in the way warm or cool air is delivered to your home. Here are some of the signs that you may benefit from professional ductwork insulation services.

  • Uneven or Inadequate Temperatures: Poorly insulated ducts may only affect certain rooms, leaving them hot and stuffy, or drafty and uncomfortable.
  • High Energy Bills: Unreasonable monthly bills may indicate that your ductwork could use some attention. When your heating and cooling systems have to work overtime to compensate for poorly performing ducts, your bills usually reflect this.
  • Ducts in the Attic or Crawlspaces: If you know that you have ductwork running through uninsulated areas of the home, it is a good idea to consider professional insulation.

Contact Our Team for Duct Insulation in Pikeville, KY

If you want quality work done by dependable local technicians, give us a call. We offer services to keep your ducts working in the way they were designed, including duct testing, sealing, and insulation services. Give us a call to learn more about duct insulation, or to speak with our staff about setting up an appointment with a friendly technician in the Pikeville, KY area. American Heating & Cooling provides quality reliable services to homes throughout the area.

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