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Humidifier Services

Humidifier Services in Pikeville, KY

Humidity has a major impact on your level of comfort. When humidity levels are high, you usually feel a lot less comfortable because you have difficulty cooling off. High humidity is a common complaint in the summertime. But low humidity is often just as big of an issue in the winter. There is an ideal level of humidity that makes people feel comfortable, generally about 30-50%. Low humidity dries out your skin, your lips, and your sinuses, which makes you feel uncomfortable even if the temperature in the room is ideal.

Get a whole-home humidifier from the people at American Heating & Cooling today to make your home a lot more comfortable. We offer a number of indoor air quality systems that van help to improve your comfort and well-being. Humidifiers have benefits for your health, your comfort, and even the quality of some of the items in your home. Contact us today for services in Pikeville, KY.

American Heating & Cooling provides humidifier services near Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

How a Humidifier Benefits You

One of the main benefits of a humidifier is relief from dry skin and chapped lips. The temperature of a room has a major impact on your comfort. However, temperature control is not the only important aspect of indoor air quality regulation. You also need the air to feel comfortable, and not too humid or too dry. Dry air dries out your skin, your lips, your hair, and mucus membranes and sinuses.

Additionally, having a whole-house humidifier can keep illnesses from going on for too long. It is actually a lot easier to get over an illness when your nasal passages are moisturized. And having some moisture in the air (but not too much) can make it more difficult for tiny air contaminants to survive.

Finally, some people choose to install a humidifier in order to protect their homes and their valuables. High quality musical instruments, wood furniture, and flowing may all be affected by a low level of moisture in the air. Humidifiers can help to improve your air quality, your health, and your belongings!

Choose a Professional for Whole-Home Humidifier Installation or Service

Installing a whole-home humidifier is not as easy as simply plugging in a cord. Your whole-home humidifier must be integrated into your heating and cooling system so that it can start up whenever you need it. If installed improperly, you may have trouble getting enough airflow through to your air conditioner or heater, and it may require a lot of maintenance over its lifespan. Additionally, when a humidifier needs service, it's always a good idea to call a professional who can identify issues quickly and make the proper repairs.

Call Us for Humidifiers and Services in Pikeville, KY

If you are considering a new humidifier for the cold, dry winters here in Pikeville, KY, just give us a call. Our technicians know how to properly size and install a humidifier so that it is just right for your HVAC system and for your home heating needs. Get the ideal humidity levels for your home by calling the friendly technicians at American Heating & Cooling!

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