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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Pikeville, KY

If the air in your home feels stuffy and filled with unwanted particles, then you need to look into arranging with professionals for indoor air quality solutions. No matter what type of pollutants are affecting your air-dust, germs, chemicals, odors-there are installations that can counteract them. Cleaning your home's air and balancing its humidity will mean better comfort, healthier conditions, and even extra protection for building material and your belongings.

To get started with indoor air quality solutions in Pikeville, KY, call up the specialists on our team at American Heating & Cooling. We offer numerous installations that will improve your home's air, and we provide work with repairing and insulating ventilation systems as well.

Searching for improvements for your home's indoor air quality in Pikeville, KY or the surrounding areas? Contact the professionals at American Heating & Cooling today.

Why Does My Home Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

A decline in indoor air quality is an issue in homes across the country-you aren't alone. The reason for this problem is that insulation and heat sealing on modern houses has risen in order to make the buildings more energy efficient during temperature extremes. A home that is insulated from the outdoors will keep heat out during summers and trap heat inside during winters. But this also traps air indoors, which gradually becomes stale and filled with pollutants with no fresh air to help drive it out. The EPA has found that in contemporary homes the indoor air is often 3-4 times worse than the air outdoors.

Methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Since you can't open doors and windows during much of the year to provide ventilation without bringing in uncomfortable temperatures, improving indoor air quality requires the installation of air filters, purifiers, and other devices.

Air filtration is one of the standards, and a professionally installed set of filters can deal with most large particles like dust, pollen, hair dander, and dust mites. Electronic air purifiers offer a second level of defense against odor and gas molecules. Other helpful options are energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), both of which allow fresh air currents into the house without damaging the efficiency of the HVAC system. If your home suffers from imbalanced humidity, there are humidifiers and dehumidifiers to correct the problem.

We Also Offer Ductwork Services in Pikeville, KY

In addition to the many types of air cleaning and purification systems we offer, we also handle working with ductwork troubles that often crop up. When ducts develop air leaks, they not only invite a plunge in air quality as dust and debris start to enter the ventilation system, they also lower the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Let our experts at American Heating & Cooling handle the duct testing, sealing, and insulation jobs necessary for energy savings and healthier air.

Air Filtration Systems

This is the standard when it comes to removing airborne particles from circulating through a house. Mechanical filters do not use any energy, and if properly matched to a house and its HVAC system, they should take out more than 99% of pollutants down to 0.1 microns in size.

Air Purifier

When paired with mechanical filters, electronic air purifiers provide a thorough cleansing of residential air. Purifiers target the smallest impurities in the air, including chemicals, smoke, and odor molecules. Let our professionals match your home with the ideal air purification system.


Summers in Eastern Kentucky are often humid, and high humidity makes it much harder to stay cool even with a powerful air conditioner. We install whole-house dehumidifiers that will help you keep cool and lower that amount of work your AC must perform. There are many other benefits of dehumidification: just ask us!

Duct Insulation

The loss and gain of heat through the walls of the ducts in a ventilation system is a leading cause of air conditioners and heaters becoming more expensive to operate. We'll see that you have the right level of insulation in your ducts in the places where it will help the most.

Duct Sealing

You can't use duct tape to seal up air holes in your ductwork! This is job for professionals like ours. Our team will use advanced equipment, such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes, to restore the integrity of your ventilation system. Once your ducts are airtight again, you'll have better comfort and immensely improved energy savings.

Duct Testing

How can you know that your ductwork is losing air? It's not hard: you only need to contact our professionals and arrange to have duct testing done. This process will find out how much air pressure is escaping from your ventilation system, and then find the best approach to fixing the problem.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a device integrated into an HVAC system in a home. It draws in fresh outdoor air and then pre-cools or pre-heats it using a current of indoor air. The result is fresh air in a home that doesn't place undue stress on either the heater or air conditioner.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

A heat recovery ventilator may be your best bet against stale and stagnant air within the home. While opening up the windows and doors are always an option, that will increase your energy consumption drastically and lead to a number of different problems. A heat recovery ventilator is an elegant solution to the problem. Call us for heat recovery ventilator services, including installation and repair.


We can experience some exceptionally dry conditions during winters in Eastern Kentucky, and low humidity can create as many comfort and health issues as high humidity. A whole-house dehumidifier installed in your home will help correct this imbalance. Call us today to arrange for this service.

UV Air Purifier

Perhaps the most unpleasant intruders into an HVAC system are bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and other organic material that can cause major health issues throughout a household. The most effective method to eliminate these contaminants without chemicals is with the UV air purifiers. Let us install and service these purifiers to benefit your home.

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