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Thermostats in Pikeville, KY

The thermostat is the “brain” of the HVAC system of a home, and it's also a central control panel. Without a working thermostat, you cannot expect to receive decent comfort from your AC and heater, nor will you be able to put a cap on rising energy bills. An advanced thermostat in good repair is a vital component of your everyday home comfort.

The technology of thermostats has advanced to the point that it is impossible for anyone who lacks professional training to repair, replace, or recalibrated one. For expert thermostat services in Pikeville, KY, you should place your trust in American Heating & Cooling. We have the experience and certification necessary to see that you have the best for your home's thermostats-and subsequently the best for your home's comfort. We back up all our work with a 100% guarantee.

If you require service for thermostats in Pikeville, KY or the surrounding areas, give American Heating & Cooling a call.

Why Your Thermostat Is Vital for Heating and Cooling

Here's something to think about when it comes to how important that thermostat is for your household comfort. If the thermostat is placed in a poor position-such as where it receives too much direct sunlight or an exposure to drafts-it can mean a substantial loss of comfort because the HVAC system will turn on and off at the wrong times. It might even lead to short-cycling.

The same problems will occur if the thermostat is miscalibrated and starts reading incorrect "ghost" temperatures. If a thermostat malfunctions, it might even lose its connection to the HVAC system altogether, and that can mean a heater/air conditioner that won't start running or won't stop running. But professional thermostat services, from repairs to putting in superior new units, will keep all these troubles away.

Is It Time for Thermostat Replacement? Here Are Some of Your Options

Sometimes there's no point in continuing to repair an outdated thermostat, such as an manual slider-and-dial model. Instead, you should have the system replaced with a new one that has extra features that will help you save money from month to month.

  • A digital thermostat with programing - This is the next step up from a standard, no-frills digital thermostat. Programming gives you the power to control when your heater or air conditioner turns on and off, even if you're asleep or are away from home. That's better comfort and much less energy wasted.
  • A wireless thermostat - Thermostat placement can be tricky, but removing the hardwiring from the process makes everything far simpler. Wireless thermostats also come with remote controls so you can change the temperature from across the room when you're working or lying down.
  • A smart thermostat - A "smart" thermostat is truly a brain for your HVAC system. It learns from your regular patterns of heating and cooling, and it then maximizes energy savings with its own programming. Plus, smart thermostats can be manipulated anywhere by using an Internet or smart phone connection.

We Have the Thermostat Services You Need in Pikeville, KY

Are you looking to have your thermostat repaired so your heater and air conditioner will work the way they should? Do you need thermostats for a new home? Or is it time for a major technology upgrade for the household thermostats? No matter the job, you can trust it to the professionals at American Heating & Cooling.

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