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24/7 Emergency Service Available
VIRGIE 606-639-1253
PIKEVILLE 606-437-0838
American Heating & Cooling, ready to service your Air Conditioner in Prestonsburg KY
American Heating & Cooling, ready to service your Air Conditioner in Prestonsburg KY

Tank Water Heaters

Tank Water Heaters in Pikeville, KY

The tank water heater is what most people likely envision when the term “water heater” is mentioned. These are, after all, what most homeowners today grew up with in their childhood residences. Of course, nowadays there are a number of different types of water heaters from which homeowners may choose. Even so, the tank water heater remains an incredibly popular option for residential water heating. This is not difficult to understand, if you've used any such system.

Tank water heaters are effective, and they are reliable. They are also now more efficient than ever before. All that being said, the tank water heater may not be the ideal choice for every home. We encourage our prospective clients to do their research before committing to as major an investment as a new water heater. Read the following information, and remember that American Heating & Cooling is here to install and service your tank water heater in Pikeville, KY, should you decide to move forward with the purchasing and installation of such a model.

American Heating & Cooling provides quality water heater services near Pikeville, KY and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose a Tank Water Heater?

Choosing a tank water heater is a pretty obvious step for many homeowners. Because tank water heaters store a reservoir of hot water in a tank-hence the name-you don't have to worry about waiting for water to heat up before being ready for use. Of course, this does open up a possibility for standby energy loss, meaning that some heat from the water will transfer through the tank to the air surrounding it. The good news, though, is that modern tank water heaters are better insulated than ever before, and this type of energy loss is minimal. If you have a family and/or frequently require hot water at multiple outlets simultaneously, a tank water heater really is tough to beat.

Schedule Your Tank Water Heater Installation or Replacement with Us

When you invest your hard-earned money in a tank water heater, you expect to get a great return on that investment. Allowing us to install your tank water heater for you is a huge step in the right direction. Our technicians have the experience, training, and knowledge that they need to ensure that your new tank water heater is the perfect fit for your home, and that it is installed with the greatest of care. Do you have an old, inefficient tank water heater in your home, or one that has broken down entirely? Then ours is the number that you should dial to procure an exceptional tank water heater replacement.

We Offer Routine Tank Water Heater Maintenance and Tank Water Heater Repair

By scheduling routine tank water heater maintenance with a member of our staff, you ensure that your system is kept in the best working condition possible. Even this, unfortunately, is not enough to make a tank water heater 100% reliable, though. At some point, you'll find that your tank water heater is not functioning properly, or that it has broken down completely. As soon as you have reason to suspect that there is a problem with your system, you should dial our number to schedule your tank water heater repairs with a technician that you can count on to complete the work with the skill and expertise the job requires.

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